Spam Assassin and Attachment Killer are activated on all of our servers. Attachment Killer removes messages that have potential virus file attachments (attachments ending in vbs, wsf, vbe, wsh, hta, scr, pif, com, exe, shs, bat, bas, scr, dll).

To adjust your settings, go to the on-line web page set your personal settings.

To log in to your Midcoast account >> shortcuts to: customers.

To log in to your Lincoln.midcoast account >> customers.

To log in to your Kona.midcoast account >> @kona/ customers.

Threshold: Very important step.
By default, Spam Assassin is fairly aggressive about identifying emails. It has a list of rules, which score the message by various criteria. If the total score exceeds a certain threshold, the program will consider the message to be Spam, and tag it as such. By default, this threshold is set to 5.

0 no mail, 100 all mail, start at 4, you can change the number by tenths at any time.

What is Spam Assassin?
Spam Assassin is a program that monitors email sent to MIS customers and attempts to identify any unsolicited email, including advertisements and viruses. Spam Assassin will add "PJM" to the subject line of any message it
considers to be Spam.
One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
While some Spam is easy to detect, much of it is concealed. Solicitors and viruses make an effort to disguise their messages until they have been opened. Some people expect a large amount of business offers, for example,
or tend to receive badly formed emails from a particular user. The Spam Assassin Configuration program allows you to help Spam Assassin understand what you consider important, and what you consider to be junk.

We recommend you approach this issue in a two-step process.

Step One:
This first step will tag all suspected Spam Email with "PJM" added to the subject field of the email. You can adjust 3 parameters with Spam Assassin.

A) The White List
Email sent from addresses on your 'white list' will automatically be skipped by Spam Assassin and will never be treated as junk mail. Place companies and individuals on this list that you expect email from, especially those who
might have been accidentally tagged as Spam in the past.

B) The Black List
Email send from addresses on the black list will be automatically be treated as Spam, and will be tagged as such. This is useful for filtering out individuals who persist in sending unwanted messages to you.

C) The Wild Card
Sometimes, you'd like to whitelist or blacklist an entire domain or country. Let's say you never want any email from France (the country suffix is .fr). Using the asterisk as a wild card variable, you could blacklist the address: *@*.fr
That means will be treated as spam--essentially blocking all email from that  particular country. You can do the same thing for a domain.

If you never wanted anything from yahoo, you could blacklist: *@yahoo.*
This means anything from yahoo (including,,, etc.) will be blacklisted.

If you wanted to whitlelist everybody at MIS, simply whitelist: *

Step Two:
Contact us to delete the PJM>'s by enabling "Trash my Junk Mail."

Sign up online for "Trash my Junk Mail"

Messages. You can adjust your personal settings at any time. This can be done by raising/lowering the threshold or by adding and/or deleting from your white and black list.