Photos of Recent Hurdy-Gurdies

Wheel-end view of guitar-back. 41kb The business end of one of my guitar-shaped hurdy-gurdies. This one is of figured maple with a spruce top. It has a few custom features, including three melody strings (one in G, two in D), two trompettes (one in G, one in D), six sympathetic strings, custom purfling, and a multi-colored wheel.

Another view. There is no figure carving on the tuning head, but there is a simple white strip inlay on the wheel and keybox covers, as well as on the tailpiece. Side view of guitar-back. 34kb

Keyboard of guitar-back. 40kb The sympathetic string tuners can be seen, as well as the three melody strings within the keybox, which has a standard two octave chromatic keyboard.

Note the double trompette arrangement, as well as the unusual purfling. Double-trompette closup of guitar-back. 43kb

side view of fancy lute-back. ?kb A lute-shaped hurdy-gurdy, made from mahogany...

Another view. The soundboard is western red cedar. The inlay patterns, the figurehead carving image, and the choice of woods were all specified by the customer. top view of fancy lute-back. ?kb

oblique view of fancy lute-back. ?kb This instrument has the "standard" six strings, a two octave chromatic keyboard, and also a set of sympathetic strings.

These inlays were designed by the customer. The mint green rug in the background was not... view of fancy lute-back bridges. ?kb

view of fancy lute-back figurehead. ?kb This carving of a woman wearing a veil is modeled after one seen on an 18th century hurdy-gurdy. The celtic knotwork theme is continued, at the request of the customer.

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