1. Public Access to Information
    Except as expressly made confidential by law, the Board shall make all documents and records available to the public in accordance with the Maine Freedom of Access Law (1 MRSA § 401 et seq.). The Board shall also keep confidential those documents which may remain confidential pursuant to the Maine Freedom of Access Law. The Board shall make determinations on confidentiality and any person aggrieved by such determination may appeal to a court in accordance with State Law. The Board shall withhold disclosure of such information pending a final judicial determination on any claim of confidentiality. A policy for inspecting and copying documents may be established by the Board, including, but not limited to, a reasonable charge for copying costs.
  2. Adjoining mineral extraction activity under common scheme of development
    Adjoining mineral extraction activity under common scheme of development separated by less than 500 feet of unaffected land shall be required to fulfill all the requirements as established in this ordinance for the total size of the extraction area, including the adjoining site.
  3. Right of Entry Onto Land
    The CEO shall have the right of entry onto any mineral extraction activity site at reasonable times and reasonable notice.

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