1. This ordinance shall not apply to the following:
    [NOTE: Mineral extraction activities which are exempt from this Ordinance may need a conditional use permit under provisions of the Land Use Ordinance of the Town of Washington, and must comply with other rules and regulations of the Town.];
    1. Mineral extraction activities that affect less than 5,000 square feet of surface area, or the removal or handling of less than 200 cubic yards of material in 12 consecutive months per parcel or parcels in common scheme of development (see definitions).
    2. Storage or Stockpiles of winter abrasives (sand) used for the maintenance of private or public roads. This applies to the stockpile or storage area itself and not any associated mineral extraction activity or area;
    3. Removal or filling of material incidental to construction, alteration or repair of a structure, or in the landscaping incidental thereto;
    4. Construction of farm and fire ponds and normal agricultural operations;
    5. Inactive areas where previous mining had last occurred at least 12 months prior to the adoption of this ordinance;
    6. Activities presently permitted by the Town, if an annual compliance inspection is required by the permit;
    7. Removal of stone or rock walls or foundation walls;
    8. Stripping of topsoil (loam) not part of a mineral extraction operation to a depth no greater than 1 foot provided the area so stripped is reseeded in the same growing season as removal; and
    9. Excavation of material used for personal purposes.

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