Why Bose is bad!!


Caution: This is an article of OPINION that happens to be mine. If you think you might be offended then please don't read it. It is my honest opinion and you are welcome to yours so write a web page if you want to tell us how great Bose is. Thank you.

If you are new to the audio world and you are visiting this page then you owe me a huge thank you. I am about to let you in on a secret that only those in the audio know are aware of. This tidbit of information will set your whole audio persective on it's ear! ( no pun intended )

Bose Audio speakers are not the best speakers you can buy!

In fact they are downright lousy in my opinion.

I am afraid this is all true. This brings us to some other sad truths about audio products and expecially ones that are at the comsumer level. You see it is like this...

The truth of the matter is that most folks never get to hear any decent sounding audio equipment. Oh sure they hear the fuller sound in some of the dept store systems. It is true though that 99% of folks never make their way into a decent audio store and of those that do probably a very small handful ever listen to anything to actually hear how it sounds. Of those that do few of them know how to hear the differences in audio equipment and decern what is good and what is bad. It isn't to say these folks are less or anything. These are good folks who just may not care or haven't been lucky enough to know the truth. I find most things in life are like that.

It isn't that I am saying that fine audio is only for the elite few. That just isn't true. What I do believe is that many people fail to take the time to educate themselves on their purchases at all. Let alone for audio purchases. For this reason price reins supreme while quality is often overlooked.

The only execption to this rule is when a company brand or moniker gains a certain level of popularity among the public. How many times have you ever heard someone say "you are paying for the brand name". This is true in the audio world when it comes to Bose speakers. I know a lot of people who buy Bose speakers when in fact they could have saved a lot of dough and gotten something that is sonically a lot better.

Now if you are one of these folks who own Bose and you have just read this and feel offended or slighted by it please don't. I don't say this to offend anyone. It is just my educated opinion and I am welcome to it. In the end it is your own money to do with as you wish. If you still choose to buy Bose I am going to still think you wasted your money and made a bad purchase but if you still want to buy Bose after this you probably don't care much about my opinion anyway.

If you do own Bose and want to move on to something else then pat yourself on the back. The truth is there are many brand names that cost significantly less than Bose products and offer a significantly better sonic experience. A few brands I would recommend off the top of my head would be bookshelf B&W, NHT, Pardigm, PSB, Jamo and Celestion to start. Feel free to email me and I will do some free research for you into your situation and try to give you somewhere to start in your quest to step into a good speaker.

So I have yet to tell you why Bose is so bad but I have made you read all this right? Well ok here it is. Bose is a company that has taken what they call research and put this into their speakers in an effort to create a speaker they feel is totally transparent. Cool idea huh? They have marketed this idea so well that you can buy about 10lbs of speaker for about $800.

Well the truth is that those little cubes don't even come close to large speakers. In fact those little cubes even with the subwoofer dont' display a large portion of the audio spectrum that even the most inexpensive speakers give you. The Bose folks forgot to tell you that I bet. Did they also tell you that the inside of their speakers is VERY cheap. In fact I would be willing to bed they don't have more than $70 into their super expensive Acoustimass speakers.

The designs Bose uses are also really horrible. Not only do they NEVER give you a "real" tweeter but they always point it away from where you will be listening to the music. No wonder you can't hear the highs. The Bose subs are also the worst around. The Bose subs are usually just reproducing the mids that the little speakers can't do anyways. A 6" or smaller baffel isn't going to give you deep rich bass and the Bose subs certainly don't.

Even the bookshelfs speakers try to take this design flaw and apply it often with shocking results.

It amazes me that a speaker that just sounds bad can be sold to so many. Doesn't anyone ever listen to anything else? The answer is of course no. People walk in to the store and buy Bose on word of mouth or order them. Word of mouth is great but unfortunately it is helping sell a lousy product and ripping a lot of people off in my opinion.

In a recent visit to Epinons I found out that not only did Bose fair poorly in my opinion but the people that liked the speakers often said "Bose brand name" as a major plus. That says it all.


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