Searching for Middle-Earth Vexillology

by Lluís Vilalta i Serra <>

I've collected a lot of flags concerning Gondor and its provinces, Arnor and its successor realms (Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur), Dwarven strongholds, Saruman's tyranny and others.

Here are a dozen Gondor standards. Many details in the flags are fully unknown to anyone except Tolkien himself, so I've had to "invent" some of them. For example, I gave the flags a 2-tailed "VEXILLUM" shape rather than the conventional flag-shape, flying from a vertical masthead. The fimbriation around the field and some colors are also hypotetical, as you will see.

This first set of flags includes:

  1. KINGS' STANDARD. You'll note that all the figures in the flag are white: tree, stars and crown (the Royal livery is exclusively black and white). The shape of the crown is hypotetical, based on European XIIIth century depictings of crowns. The stars in the flag are 5-pointed: it has been argued that the seven stars are to be 5-pointed to resemble the shape of the dunedain's home-island of Numenor and its own blazon (a single 5-pointed star).
  2. STEWARDS' STANDARD. Plain white, of course.
  3. CITY OF OSGILIATH. Like 1, without the royal crown.
  4. to 12. PROVINCES AND FIEFS OF GONDOR (Lebennin, Ithilien, Lossarnach, Anfalas, ...). The gondorian provincial flags depict the same general pattern: a white tree on a plain black field, plus a provincial blazon. The fiefs' flags also depict similar patterns, but you should be aware that the colors are hypotetical, as it is their black field (because these fiefs might have shown their own liveries, as certainly did Belfalas, in fact a half-independent principality whose capital city was Dol Amroth).

Dave Martucci's "Flags of Middle-Earth" page.

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