Dave Martucci's
Flag Photo Album

It's in the genes! Here's my Mom about 80 years ago with my Uncle Hank.
What's that book they are holding!?

Here's my Mom again about two decades ago with my stepfather,
holding a flag I designed (and made) for them.

Some flags that I made flying in my front yard. The "FLAGS" flag was later stolen from my front yard and I'd like to get it back.

Here's the "On Top Everest '89" team holding the flag I made for the expedition.
Not sure if the flag got to the top.

My wife, Janet, holds out the regimental color I made for the Living History unit Dillon's Regiment,
an Irish Regiment in the service of the French in the late eighteenth century.

Chris Marshal holds the Liberty Balalika Ensemble Flag I made and presented to them on Gott's Island. My wife plays Kontrabass Balalika in the band. Visit their page for more on them and their flag and Gott's Island. A drawing of this flag is on my Other Symbols page.

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