the Liberty Balalaika Ensemble


An island off the coast of Maine with no cars and no electricity ... Gotts Island from the Sea

Gotts Island Village and a real 19th century village.

Gotts Island was the home of writer Ruth Moore. Gotts Island Cemetary

Main Street on Gotts Island Main Street on Gotts Island is a thoroughfare for pedestrians, animals and carts.

Gotts Island has many elf homes as well as human homes. There is complete harmony between the two communities. Elf house on Gotts Island

The band at Janet and Mike's house on Gotts Island The Liberty Balilaikas come over from the mainland one weekend each year,
guests of band member Janet Weinberg and her husband Michael (Thanks guys!).

And they give an annual concert here free for all on the island to enjoy. The band gets ready for the concert

Chris Marshall receives the new flag! In 1996, their flag was presented to them just before the concert.

Liberty Balalaika Flag

With authentic acoustic instruments, the Band plays hot! Janet M. plays Kontrabass Balilaika

Dancin' in the barn. And the islanders kick up their heals for a great deal of fun!.

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