Our flag is white with a red St. George's Cross throughout, in the center of which is a white diamond bordered blue and white, upon which is a green Pine Tree.

The New England Vexillological Association (NEVA) is dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of Flag Research by and between local vexillologists. We meet at least twice a year (in April and November) and publish The New England Journal of Vexillology on an irregular basis. Member dues are just $10 per year and membership is open to any Vexillologist. There is only one class of membership in NEVA, for one dues fee and that anyone whose dues are paid and attends a meeting would have voting powers at that meeting. There are no proxy voting privileges. Please contact our Secretary/Treasurer for more details:
David Martucci
240 Calderwood Road
Washington ME 04574-3440
(207) 845-2857


Or Email the President of NEVA:

Carl Gurtman

The New England Flag

Our publishing record and index, all past issues of the New England Journal of Vexillology and our Bylaws are now available as PDFs online.

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