Zoey's E-Pals Camp and Clubs

In the spring of 2002, Mainely Girls and Zoey's Room announce the creation of Zoey's E-Pals' Camp and Clubs, technology programming for middle-school-aged girls. Zoey's E-Pals' Camp and Clubs were created to assure that girls had an opportunity to reap the full benefits that former Governor King's laptop computer initiative offered.

zoeysroom.comAt the intensive one week Zoey's E-Pals' Camp at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor in August of 2002, 50 girls going into the 7th grade were trained in the technology and leadership skills necessary to return to their schools and establish Zoey's E-Pals' Club locally, in conjunction with a tech-savvy adult woman in their school or community. Both the Camp and Club received the endorsement of Maine's Governor Angus King.