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NCAA Female Athletic Triad Handbook

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Prevention Materials

1. Healthy Body Image: How to Eat and Love Your Body, Too.
A preventative curriculum by Kathy Kater for 5th & 6th graders. ($75)
Targets the precursors of these problems by looking at how we think about body size and shape, the role of the mass media, and the purpose of healthy eating and exercise.
11 lessons in four weeks.
Can be integrated into an existing curriculum.
Fun, kid-friendly, interesting, and doesnít talk down.
Not sex or reproductive info. The focus is on understanding and accepting self and others.
Clear instructions to teachers.
Visit BodyImageHealth.org to order.

2. Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health, and Leadership
By Catherine Steiner-Adair and Lisa Sjostrom ($45)
8 lessons for the 7-8 girls followed by 4 lessons for 5-6th grade girls.
Itís preventative.
Can be used during or after school.
Visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page, or Catherine Steiner-Adair's website for more information, or Amazon to order.

3. BodyWise Eating Disorders Information Packets for middle schools.
Available at womenshealth.gov.
The Office of Women's Health also has a BodyWorks campaign, about healthy eating and diet habits. Click here to check it out.