Session 1

What Is Anger? Listen to, understand, and deal with anger, your own and other's. Where does it come from? How do you feel about your anger/the anger of others? How is it working for you, or what is it doing to you? Tools for responding to anger or using anger constructively so you can feel better about yourself. - Candace Green; The Power of One

Boys and Boyfriends: What's important to you in a friendship or dating relationship? Tools to help you be a healthy person in a healthy relationship. (Grades 6-7) - Casey Heard and Marsha Sloan; New Hope for Women

Befriending the Inner Critic: Do you have an inner critic or inner voice which is constantly putting you down or ruining your day? Does your "self-talk" lower your energy level or expectations of yourself? You're not alone! Through fun art and simple exercises, come learn some tools to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, creating more aliveness and joy in every day. - Jean Forest and Julianna Pfeiffer

Synchronized Swim: All together now! Get in the water and dance! - Kathryn Matlack; YMCA

Underwater Hockey: Use sticks and pucks just like the real hockey game, only underwater. It's wild! Masks, fins and snorkels provided. - Erin Graham and Wendi Scott; YMCA

Girls Rock! Learn how to climb and belay on Mt. YMCA! - Jen Curtis, Marcy Howard, Hilary Miller and Amy Tice; YMCA

Buffing Tough! Fear not the weight and fitness room, nor equipment contained within! Learn how to use weights and machines correctly for enjoyment and fast results! -Thea Belajonas, Victor and Cindy Charlston

Belly Dancing: With roots in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, this dance is characterized by the strong use of belly, hips, thighs, and vails! - Patti Luchetti

Knowledge is Power! Practicing martial arts is a unique way to strengthen both your body and mind. You can improve your agility, balance and grace. Develop a positive self worth and learn to defend yourself. Join Nancy, a second degree black belt, and see for yourself! -Nancy Ault

Egg on Your Face! In this hands on workshop, use herbs and natural ingredients to create a better you! Learn how herbal teas, egg, oatmeal and other common kitchen ingredients can be healing inside and out. - Lee Ann Beaulieau