Session 3

Boys and Boyfriends: What's important to you in a friendship or dating relationship? Tools to help you be a healthy person in a healthy relationship. (Grades 8-12) - Casey Heard and Marsha Sloan; New Hope for Women.

"Flirting or Hurting?" This great video explains the difference between fun and harassment and provides tools you can use to defend yourself and your friends from bullying and harassment.

Befriending the Inner Critic: See description in Session 1.

Fast and Furious: A serious workout! Kick your butt and heart into high gear in this intense workout that will end your day with a blast! - Mary Lou French; YMCA

Yoga with a Flow: Relax, chill out and give this deeply relaxing yoga a try. Based on Hatha yoga, it focuses on breath and alignment. - Denyse Robinson

Underwater Hockey: See description in Session 1.

Girls Rock! See description in Session 1.

Buffing Tough! See description in Session 1.

Break Dancing/Street Funk: Katie Martin/Kea Tesseyman

Egg on Your Face! See description in Session 1.