The 9th Annual Camden Girls' Festival

A special professional day for girls and young women grades 6 - 12.

International Women's Day
Friday, March 8, 2002  
8:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Camden Opera House
Camden, Maine

Presented By Mainely Girls

Supported By
Bay Chamber Concerts
MBNA Foundation
Messler Family Foundation
& numerous community donations

Schedule of Events

8:00 - 9:00 Registration, juice & bagels
9:00 - 9:30

Welcome & arts presentation:
"Speaking Our Minds & Our Hearts Through the Arts"
Amelia Buchholz, Molly Brosnan, Amelia Fiske & Mae Polson discuss their mural art.

Presentation of the Elizabeth and Rebecca Bradeen Award

9:45 - 11:00 Session 1
11:15 - 12:00 Arts Break: Ensemble Galilei
Five women “who are committed to making music fiercely!”
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 - 2:15 Session 2
2:30 - 2:45 Closing

Morning Sessions

A CASE OF THE BLUES? (grades 8 - 12) - Dark clouds? Gray days? Finding yourself making some bad decisions that put you at risk? Let’s look at what’s happening and what you can do to address it. With Catherine Becallo, Midcoast Mental Health.

ARE YOU THE NEXT WORLD RENOWNED CHEF? - Learn how a great chef found her passion and made it happen! Listen & watch as Nelda McClellan of Market On Main talks & whips up one of her specialties. You won’t go away hungry!

CONNECTING WITH THE GODDESS WITHIN - Every woman is a goddess! Learn to empower yourself by connecting to your inner spirit through basic meditation and visualization exercises with Lee Ann Beaulieu, Earth Spirit Farm.

DOCTOR! DOCTOR! (grades 8 - 12) - Learn the latest health news about cramps, weight control, nutrition, stress and depression, birth control and STI's. Let the experts from the Family Planning Community Education Team answer your questions.

"FLIRTING OR HURTING?" - Simply the best video on the subject of harassment: what it is, how to prevent it, and how to handle it if it happens to you or someone you care about.

GIRL FIGHTING (Grades 8 - 12) - What’s that all about? Why are we so tough on each other? Get the low-down with Sharon Barker, Director, Women’s Resource Center,University of Maine.

HEALTHY SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS (Grades 8 - 12) - Think you know “all that?" Play “Sex Jeopardy” with Rilla Bray of the Family Planning Community Education Team to test your knowledge and discuss The Facts, how to deal with sexual pressure, the role alcohol and drugs play in teen sex, birth control, STI's, etc..

HEAVY METAL (Girls Only) - Drive a backhoe, a truck and a grader. Now that’s power! Learn with the Dept. of Transportation and Women Unlimited about these and other lucrative jobs no longer just for men.

HIP HOP DANCE - Bring a friend and get down with some serious moves!

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF WILD WOMEN - Through slides, meet woman — some who lived in Maine — who worked to save the wild places they’ve loved. Then hear about the three-week wilderness trip Kirstin George and Ann Budreski will lead this summer on the Allagash River: The Canoe Expedition for Maine Girls. Applications will be available for interested sophomores and juniors — along with substantial scholarships!

LOCAL GIRL DOES GOOD...AND BAD - Edna St. Vincent Millay, rule-breaker, activist, great American poet, and one of the most popular — and controversial — women of the 1920s, was raised right here in Camden! Learn how she managed to develop her huge talent while living in a poor family in this small town, and how she came to attend Vassar college and become an influential force in the world.

“PROTECTION” — WEAVING TOGETHER ARTS AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Kathleen Florance will discuss the recent international environmental art project that connected the Ducktrap River, Maine with the country and culture of Bulgaria. Fragments of the installation, along with some of the photos that were exhibited in Sofia, will be displayed. Since this project involved multiple disciplines in the art processes, open discussion of techniques will also be explored.

“RIGHTEOUS BABES ” (Grades 10 - 12) - Watch interviews with female rock stars while they talk about how they’ve influenced feminism and how feminism has influenced them. Some profanity.

THINGS I HAVE TO TELL YOU — POEMS AND WRITINGS BY TEENAGE GIRLS - In this incredible book, which includes photographs by Nina Nichols, girls from all over the country have answered the question, "If you could say what was really on your mind, what would you say?" Their answers might surprise you!

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: THE CHALLENGES OF DIVERSITY - View videos and talk about the challenges of coping with homophobia at school and in society with Emily Graves of Coastal Outright.

YOU'VE GOT RHYTHM! - Find your own beat and make music with your friends using Frame Drums, the oldest form of drums in the world! With Tori Morrill of Inanna.

Afternoon Sessions

CALM YOUR MIND & TONE YOUR BODY WITH YOGA - Find balance in a hurried world by practicing yoga for mind/body awareness.

ARE YOU THE NEXT WORLD RENOWNED CHEF? - See morning description.

DISCOVER YOUR INNER HEALER! - Learn how to use basic healing techniques such as Reiki and color therapy to bring healing energies into your life! With Lee Ann Beaulieu, Earth Spirit Farm.

DOCTOR! DOCTOR ! (grades 6 - 7) - See morning description.

GIRL FIGHTING (grades 6 - 7) -Ssee morning description.

“GIRLS LIKE US" - Come watch this award-winning film which follows an ethnically diverse group of four working-class girls in South Philadelphia. The 60-minute film chronicles four years of the girls’ lives as they grow and develop from ages 14 to 18.

HEAVY METAL - See morning description.

HIP HOP DANCE - See morning description.

JAKE AND CAROLINE (Grades. 8 - 12) - The relationship seemed perfect, at first. What went wrong? In this two-person play, Jake and Caroline help us recognize and understand the dynamics of an unhealthy dating relationship.

MYSTERY, MAGIC, THE MOON AND YOU! (Grades 6 - 7) - Our menstrual cycles connect us to the magic and mystery of life. This energy brings us strongly into a circle/cycling which is deeply feeling, but not always comfortable. Explore your 'moon' experience and the experiences of girls around the world with Jane Gerlach, Program Director, Midcoast Health and Family Planning.

SAD & BLUE (grades 6 - 7) - What do you do when you or someone you know is feeling confused & uncertain? Find some creative ways to help deal with it. With Catherine Becallo, midcoast mental health.

“SLIM HOPES" - Featuring Jean Kilbourne, this brisk, humorous, video lecture uses 150 current ads to tell girls about the impact of advertising on their health — especially the impact of an obsession with thinness on the self-image of girls. As Dr. Christiane Northrup wrote, "After viewing this, you will never look at advertising and girls' and women's bodies in the same way again."

"SOMEWHERE ELSE" - Get a girls-eye view! Michaela Doughty, a teen from Vinalhaven, worked with producer Beth Cohen to keep a video diary about her reactions to leaving home (and everything familiar). Watch the resulting video, and find out about girls shooting their own stories, with Beth Cohen.

"UNDERWATER" - In this 30 minute video, a young girl's romantic notions of becoming a teenager are challenged by what she sees happening to an older acquaintance. She learns to deal with having been sexually abused during her childhood by being there for another girl when a crisis occurs. With Helen Harrington, Sexual Assault and Crisis Support Center.

WELCOME TO "ZOEY'S ROOM" - Speak your mind and interact with other girls across the globe. "Zoey’s Room" is your virtual link to real girls (like you) and an animated friend named Zoey. Come explore and be part of a group who will interact with Zoey online with Erin Brockette, Zoey’s co-creator.

YOU'VE GOT RHYTHM! - See morning description.