The 9th Annual Camden Girls' Festival:
One Incredible Day!


Space for most workshops is limited. They will be filled on a first come, first served basis, so register ASAP!

Please only put one girl or one adult on each registration form. Please copy this form for additional registrations.

Click here for the complete program and registration form as a PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat - free download here.)

Girl's name___________________________

or Adult's name__________________________

Home phone__________________________

or Home phone__________________________



You will attend one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. To help us assign you a session you want, please select five sessions for the morning and five in the afternoon. (The workshop you most want to attend would be #1.)

Morning Session:   Afternoon Session:
1 _______________________________   1 _______________________________
2 _______________________________   2 _______________________________
3 _______________________________   3 _______________________________
4 _______________________________   4 _______________________________
5 _______________________________   5 _______________________________


$10 per girl or adult who accompanies girl/girls.

$35 per adult who does not accompany a girl.

For scholarship information call Mary: 230-0170.

Please return completed registration with checks payable to :
Mainely Girls
69 Elm Street
Camden, ME 04843

*As the festival will be held in several different buildings and may require walking a few blocks, it's important to dress for the weather.

*Most sites are wheelchair accessible, but please call Mary at 230-0170 so we can accommodate your needs.

ADULTS: Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate adults for lunch.
GIRLS: Please indicate below what you will do about lunch so we can plan accordingly. Lunches are delicious sandwiches, chips, milk and yummy cookies provided by the Brown Bag Restaurant. There is no extra charge for girls who choose to eat lunch at the festival. Please make a decision and stick with it!

____I will eat a non-veggie lunch at the festival.
____I will eat a veggie lunch at the festival.
____I will go out to lunch.

Once you've sent your registration in, you can assume that you are registered. You'll receive your schedule when you arrive at the Camden Opera House. We're very excited about the festival and we're delighted that you'll be joining us!

See ya there!