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The EVERYTHING Parent's Guide to Children with Juvenile Diabetes ($14.95)
By Moira McCarthy with technical review by Jake Kushner, M.D.

As a parent of a child diagnosed with diabetes, you are faced with overwhelming, and sometimes frightening, questions like: Will my child be able to eat sweets again? How will I ever be able to let them go out on their own? What is the newest technology and how can it help my child? Is a cure really on the horizon? The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Juvenile Diabetes helps you cope with the challenges of helping your children live happy, healthy lives while controlling the disease.

This reassuring, easy-to-use guide features advice on:
Adjusting to life with diabetes
Helping your children take control of their health
Monitoring diet and insulin levels
Handling emergencies
Finding support for you and your children

The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Juvenile Diabetes helps parents deal with the challenges you and your child face when living with diabetes--one day at a time.

Think like a Pancreas: A practical guide to managing diabetes with insulin ($15.95)
By Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE

There are dozens of books about managing diabetes, but none focuses specifically on using insulin. Now, in Think Like a Pancreas, certified diabetes educator and type 1 insulin user Gary Scheiner gives readers everything they need to know to “think like a pancreas,” i.e., to successfully master the art of matching insulin to the body’s ever-changing needs. A comprehensive, supremely practical guide free of medical mumbo jumbo, Think Like a Pancreas discusses day-to-day blood glucose control and monitoring; measuring and matching insulin to carbohydrate intake; the pluses and minuses of different insulin-delivery methods; hypoglycemia; exercise; the impact of emotions, stress, and illness; and the dozens of other issues that everyone taking insulin needs to master. A book that is long overdue, this first-ever, indispensable, all-in-one resource will enlighten and inspire the four million people whose lives and well-being depend on daily insulin intake.


Getting a Grip on Diabetes ($14.95)
by Spike and Bo Loy

In Control: A Guide for Teens with Diabetes
By Jean Betschart, MN, RN, CDE & Susan Thom, RD, LD, CDE

Type 1 Diabetes: A guide for Children, Adolescents, Young Adults - and Their Caregivers
By Ragnar Hanas, MD, PhD