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Mainely Girls provides a forum for research on issues relevant to girls...

Listening to Girls: Voices from the Maine Youth Center
Commissioned by The Juvenile Justice Advisory Group and Mainely Girls, this report discusses the behaviors and circumstances that result in the incarceration of Maine girls, towards an understanding of their service needs.

Maine Girls: Who We Are and Who We Are Becoming
Mainely Girls' Special Report on Data and Findings from the 1998/1999 Survey of Girls on topics such as sex, depression, stress, suicide, smoking, drinking, drugs, violence, and school. Read the Executive Summary or the complete report.

Talking With Girls: Some Maine Girls' Perspectives on Adolescent Girls' Health Issues
Results of discussions with girls on subjects including weight issues, depression, abuse, relationships, sexuality, STDs, dental health, and stress.

Cultivating Hardiness Zones for Adolescent Girls
Lyn Mikel Brown's Keynote to the Girls' Health Summit of June 2001 examines the role of caring adults in nurturing the healthy growth of girls.

Girls' Health: An Action Plan for Maine
This report summarizes the results of the work accomplished at the first ever Maine Girls’ Health Summit, bringing together over 100 experts in girls’ development, health services, women’s advocacy, social policy, service delivery, schools and community organizing, to explore the issues that Maine girls are confronting and to craft strategies to ensure that they attain optimal health and well-being.