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Zoey's E-Pals Camp and Clubs

Mainely Girls and Zoey's Room announce the creation of Zoey's E-Pals' Camp and Clubs, technology programming for middle-school-aged girls. Zoey's E-Pals' Camp and Clubs assure that girls have an opportunity to reap the full benefits that Governor King's laptop computer initiative offers.

zoeysroom.comAt the intensive one week Zoey's E-Pals' Camp at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor this August, 50 girls going into the 7th grade will be trained in the technology and leadership skills necessary to return to their schools and establish Zoey's E-Pals' Club locally, in conjunction with a tech-savvy adult woman in their school or community. Both the Camp and Club have received the endorsement of Maine's Governor Angus King.


Starting in September, girls will meet once a week after school to participate in Zoey's E-Pals' Club which will involve over 550 girls from 50 schools throughout the 2002-2003 school year.

The Club will provide technology instruction in a fun, entertaining, girl-centered environment through weekly activities, starting with the basics of computers and advancing by the end of the school year to learning the latest in multimedia. The after-school program educates girls in conjunction with an existing, interactive website ( which provides an entertaining and interactive way for girls to learn more about technology, themselves and the world around them. The program also provides girls with interesting, challenging, and fun activity sheets for them to use at home, allowing them to continue exploring their new skills on their own.

To register for Zoey's E-Pals' Camp, to express interest in being the tech-savvy adult co-facilitator for a Zoey's E-Pals' Club, in your area, or to arrange to bring the Club to your school, please contact Erin Brockette, Program Director, at (207) 230-0170 or e-mail The Zoey's E-Pals' technology and leadership training Camp is $500 for the week. Individuals as well as corporate sponsorships have made some partial and full scholarship money available, based on need.

This program is being made available through the generosity of MBNA, the Maine Women's Fund, and individual donors.

E-Pals' Brochure (PDF - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - free download here)

E-Pals' Application (PDF - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - free download here)