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Butt of Course

By Cathy Plourde

Any school, community or organization may produce Butt Of Course, the play which opened the 2001 Camden Girls' Conference, with the production terms listed below.

Commissioned by The Knox County Coalition Against Tobacco and Mainely Girls

Copyright 2001 by Cathy Plourde
PO Box 3853, Portland, ME  04104
Phone:  207-653-1756  Email:

Production Terms

Any school, community or organization may produce Butt Of Course with the following production terms:

1.  Wherever the title is written it must include:Butt Of Course Written by Cathy Plourde.

2.  In a program and in press releases it must state: Butt Of Course, written by Cathy Plourde, playwright and social activist, was commissioned by Mainely Girls and the Knox County Coalition Against Tobacco in Camden, Maine.

3. Free admission for the audience.  The only exception allowed:  A "suggested donation" at the door may be done, denying no one entrance to the performance because of inability to pay; and, all proceeds must be put toward direct programming for youth.

4.  For each time Butt Of Course is performed, inform Mainely Girls of dates, times, and total audience. This is needed for grant purposes and is very important.    Mainely Girls, 69 Elm Street, Camden, ME  04843   207-230-0170

5.  Any changes that are made to the script must be for adapting to the individual performers and the intended audience.  Do not change the integrity or essence of the message being conveyed.  If in doubt, please contact the playwright at:


Copies of the script have been sent to the following people:

Maine Council for Adolescent Health
Robert Edson, Project Coordinator
PO Box 352
Manchester, ME 04351