Michael Good, whose name is synonymous with anticlastic raising, has developed and expanded the definition of jewelry and metalsmithing to sculptural forms that are a natural extension of the human form.



"Tucked away in beautiful and secluded pockets of the vast American landscape are goldsmiths whose work rivals the best the world has known. Pre-eminent among them is Michael Good, a goldsmith whose use of what he calls the anticlastic process has forced the commercial jewelry world to expand its definitons and ideas about how American jewelry should look and how it can be made." - Ettagale Blauer

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Stone Coast Gems, a subsidiary of Michael Good Designs, is the exclusive North American distributor of Context Cut® and Spirit Sun® Diamonds and Colored Stones. Fore more information, please contact Avi Good at (207) 236-9624, P.O. Box 943, Rockport, Maine 04856.

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