The New Geometry


Robert Pavlita's Geometry

by Michael Donovan

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  In the 1950s a Czech, Robert Pavlita, was demonstrating anomalies of physics with 100% verification in testing. These were with devices that he called 'psycotronic generators'. His discoveries were publicized world wide, mainly in a book called Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, (chapter 28). Subsequently, tanks rolled into Prague, and very little more was heard about Robert Pavlita.

  Albert Einstein stated, unequivocally, that the next breakthrough in physics would be in geometry. Pavlita stated again and again that the 'secret' was 'in the form' This 'new geometry' is hidden in 3-D. The basics of the geometry will be given out on this site. It will be continually updated. This site is not on search engines, and it would be wise to bookmark it. More than just to students of math or physics, the geometry would be of interest to those interested in such archaic or 'new age' subjects such as kabballah, tarot, or I Ching. Besides showing how the limits of 12 quarks, and the limit of 230-232 crystal symmetry limits were derived, (strongest limits in nature!), this new geometry shows, (again hidden in 3-D), the source of these subjects as well. This is the home page. One page contains basics of geometry, the other page contains the electronic book, Letters Upon the Mast. Next page will show source of Kabballah. Feedback appreciated.