Letters Upon The Mast

A book that navigates the 'new geometry'

by Michael Donovan

Leather bound, hard cover

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Letters Upon The Mast contains a story which explains the new geometry. A symbol set which helps navigate the geometry is also explained with forty maps and diagrams.  By learning 19 core symbols, you can easily express relationships between (1) paths of tarot deck, (2) 10 centers of kabbalah, (3) notes of music, (4) quarks, (5) the 230-232 crystal symmetry, (6) the houses of astrology, and (7) the I Ching.  The basics of the new geometry itself will, with updates, be continually put up on this site.  You do not need the book to get the basics of the geometry.  Because there is a limited quantity of this edition, please e-mail me at michael1@midcoast.com.   The e-mail page link does not always work, and you might want to copy down the address, as well as bookmark the 'new geometry' homepage.  If you have an interest in the book, type Your Book as subject of e-mail.  I will get back to you.  Please include any special interest, engineering, kabballah, geometry, etc. and brief background.   I am also searching for people with strong backgrounds in numeric progressions.

Again, remember to bookmark for updates.  Not on search engines. To get to basics of geometry, you must go back to home page.

Letters Upon The Mast
M I C H A E L  D O N O V A N

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission from the author, including the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. Copyright (c) 1995 by Michael Donovan.

Portions of the material herein were previously published by the same author, Michael Donovan, in a paper - Plastic Elastic Rulers and Ping Pong Clocks 1976 and in a letter to Shelby T. Brewer, Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy, 'Its Takes Balls, Mr. Brewer' published in the Sour Grape. Deliberate misquotes in the body copy are intended humor, not plagiarism.

Acknowledgements: Jean Miller and the clan at Caleb's Pond, Militia of Cape Cod. Sandra Burke, her 'Blossom' and the North Sharon Amity 'Group'. Nancy Donovan, her 'Cosmic Frogman', VZ and his 'David', and the Greenwich Village 'Group'. Eli Tremblay for initial editing.

Protected as well is the physical model of 12 around 1 with raised or indented astrological glyphs or symbols in indicated order, with handles as indicated - both fixed, hinged, or removable, as a mechanical marking devise on paper, cloth, or clay. US patent applied for. New alphabets as well are (c) and protected.


Preface Prologue I Islands II Skies III Seas
IV Stars V Sailors VI Ships VII Charts Appendix