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Medomak Valley Land Trust

Land Protection
The Medomak Valley and the patterns of life within it have been shaped by the river, creating a rich patchwork of forests, ponds, farmlands, blueberry fields, and small villages and towns. This extraordinary landscape defines the character of our community and supports our rural way of life.

The fate of this resource is in our hands. Until recently, our community has been relatively insulated from the rapid development sweeping Maine's coast. We have a brief window of opportunity to protect our fields and woodlands, unobstructed panoramic views from ridges and the chance to rake blueberries, drink clean water and fish in clear ponds.

Since 1991, the Medomak Valley Land Trust has worked to achieve permanent conservation of these lands and their scenic and natural resources. We use a variety of conservation options to achieve this goal:

Conservation Easements
Donations of Land
Purchasing Land

In each case MVLT works voluntarily and confidentially with landowners to find an option that best meets their needs and the conservation goals of the land trust.

Conservation Options
If you have any questions about the conservation options described above, please feel free to contact the MVLT office at (207) 832-5570 or email the Executive Director at mvlt@midcoast.com. If you are a resident of the Medomak River watershed and are interested in discussing conservation options, please contact the office and we will find a time to discuss your conservation dreams for your land.
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