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The Soup Pot

     A number of the congregation participates in the Area Interfaith soup kitchen.  AY hosts lunch at St. Peters Church in Rockland on the first Sunday of each month.  Members plan the meal, purchase the food, prepare it and, as always in any kitchen, clean up after.  Generally we serve 30 to 40 people.
     Soup Kitchen has become a very important event for many of us.  It allows us the opportunity to serve our community.  It is a family affair.  Our children participate, and it is a tradition that the Hebrew School children host one of the lunches themselves.  There is strong camaraderie among the regulars.  We are known in soup kitchen circles for serving the best meals and having the most fun of any of the regular groups.

Please join us.  New participants are always welcome.

Direct your questions to Lisa Breheny or contact the synagogue office.